Cruise ship loves?

Has anyone fallen in love on a cruise, then find that they either cheated on the cruise or had someone else back home. Also did anyone have a hard time getting back to normal life because of them? Any advice how to get over?


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  • Nope, never.


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  • I've never heard of any serious cruise ship loves. Strangely, all the stories I had heard were from girls I met in college who admitted they they screwed some older guy on the cruise ship while her parents were getting wasted at the open bar. All I know is that if I ever take my daughters on a cruise, they're not leaving my sight!

    • Don't be afraid to let her go, to be honest they are there to have fun, let them have fun, you just tell them rules and cruise ships have counter ways to do that. Just be safe, shell be okay. there are places for kids to have, keeping them close is like silencing from the real world... they have to be exposed to real life and going on a cruise, they need to experience it, she will have more fun and it'll be safe

    • Umm... I don't know. The stories I heard in college were like how they were on a cruise ship with their parents at 16 and they went off and screwed some 30+ year old guy. I think this is easy for you say because you're 16.

    • trust me I've been on 14 of these things going on 15, cruise lines now have special things for kids and yes I know a few girls who screwed guys (my age) on the cruise, I may be only 16 but I KNOW what I'm talking about, it you teach your daughter correctly she won't do anything stupid. I've made out with girls on the cruise, that's not gonna be uncommon but trust me I know what I'm talking about

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