Will he be mad?

Okay so my boyfriend gave me access to his facebook a few months after we started dating (without me asking for it, 100% his idea) and has told me more than once he doesn't care if i go on it. There has recently been some drama with his ex messaging him and it made me uncomfortable and he willingly blocked her saying he has no feelings for her and he would block her if it made me more comfortable. i was on his facebook a few days later and searched her name and she came up. so i tried to reblock her and it said since it was recently unblocked it would have to wait a couple days before she could be reblocked. is this something i should mention to him? i've been walking around the past day and a half constantly going on his fb seeing if she can be blocked yet and she can't because it hasn't been long enough yet. I'm feeling guilty and angry and insecure about his feelings for me and her. but i'm afraid that he will get mad at me for snooping. help?
I'm not one to usually go through his facebook and see what's up. I trusted him, but she's the reason his previous relationship ended too and it makes me nervous. Am i in the wrong for snooping?


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  • Well you were being nosey and found dirt, so now your asking what should you do with this dirt. The obvious thing he going to do if he actually cares about his ex is lie and say you unblock her. But regardless ask him before you reblock her as if you tell him after you reblock her were your proof. I have more to say but if you want to talk about more just DM me.

    • unable to DM not high enough Xper apparently.. before he blocked her and all this went down he unfriended her and the next day he was back being friends with her on fb. she messaged him asking why he deleted her then readded her but he has told me she has a history of logging into his facebook. he changed his password after they broke up but tells me he swears he didn't readd her on facebook. so i don't know if she somehow managed to get into his facebook and do all these things or if he is lying to me. i know the simplest explanation is offer the right one but i really don't think he would do this after it ended his last relationship too. bc if he wanted to be with her wouldn't he be?

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    • What is sounds like to me is that he doesn't want to cut his ex lose. He only deleted her because it made you feel better not because he wanted too. I would ask him to change his password again that way only you two know it. After that delete her and block her and see what he does. That way he can't say it her.

    • I wouldn't over react but you do have the right to be worried as if this is how his last relationship ended seems like he doesn't learn from his mistakes

  • Why didn't he block her immediately when they broke up?

    • i'm not sure. she openly wanted him back and posted stuff on fb after they broke up about how she made the biggest mistake of her life (she cheated on him multiple times) and will always want him back. he is a nice, if not slightly naive guy and he tried to stay friends with her and they always talked and it ended his next relationship. if it was me i would've blocked her right away but i'm not sure if that's how a guy would react too?

    • That's the question I would want to know. There's only one answer. He wants to keep the lines of communication open so he can have her as a backup plan if things don't work out between you two. He'll do the same to you. If he doesn't want her as he claims then he should've blocked her immediately. He's lying to you

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  • Nope. I don't think that's anything serious. Just because he unblocked her, it doesn't mean he will keep talking to her. He probably thought that it was an immature move of him to block her. After all, he gave you his password, which means that he wants you to trust him.


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