Difference between Rejecting Attractive and Unattractive People?

Is there a Difference between Rejecting Attractive and Unattractive People?

Would you reject an attractive person? If so How and why?

What if an unattractive person asked you out?


Personally I am trying to figure out if I am ugly or just have bad timing with girls:

I ask a girl out, and if they have an excuse such as "I have a boyfriend", or "I am just not ready to date"

I automatically think they are rejecting me because I am not attractive to them :(

So am I ugly?
I guess I'm ugly :(


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  • If your its because someones ugly people will laugh. But alote if cute girls do have boy friends.

    • lol that made no sense.
      if its because your ugly girls will laugh at you when walking away. but alote of cute girls do have boy friends. try dating web site

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    • Sound cute
      what kind of shoes

    • Just black runners :)

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  • post ur photo.. we will let u know

    • I don't want to post it here

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  • Yes I would I mean it's amazing if you're good looking but if your looks is all you have to offer what can I do to you? I put 50% on looks and the others 50% on what you have to show me that my eyes can't see.

    • So does that mean I am just being rejected because I am unattractive?

    • Maybe your insecurities are giving you wrong vibes and as a result you're giving the wrong energy and that's why you're being rejected. Because you're looking for validation and not company.

    • I am really insecure and have low self-esteem.

      I wish a girl would validate me :(

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