Is he friend zoning me or something else? What is going on?

I've had a thing with this guy for a little over a month. His actions confuse me. I can't decide if he still likes me or just wants to be friends. We didn't talk for a few days because we got into a fight, he would still send me Snapchats of his face usually at night and I don't know why. Then he liked my tweet that said "like for tbh" so I told him I lowkey missed our adventures, and so he said "let's go Monday morning?" and I said I couldn't because I would be in California. So he then said "sike" which hurt my feelings because I can't tell if he was trying to curve me or he just said that because I told him I couldn't. He then asked me how me and this other guy were (that he hates) and I said "how would I know, I don't talk to him?" I guess he thought I was talking to that other kid. And he was acting skeptical about it. Then he brought up something about his life and we had a short convo about it and that's it. That same night he sent me another Snapchat of his face. And the next morning he liked my picture which he never usually does. We haven't been texting as much lately and we haven't seen in each other in forever, and I just don't know where i stand with him. Can someone explain his actions?


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  • I think he is interested in you and he wants to keep talking to you.


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