I have feelings for my friends with benefits?

So recently I met this guy in my physics class. I didn't even have feelings for him initially; we just sort of hung out randomly one day after class and things started from there. Everything is still really new but he views me more of just a friend and at first I did too but now find myself thinking about him more often In a romantic way. I want to ask him if he feels the same way eventually but don't want to kill anything before it starts... I definitely like him as more than a friend and don't want to get hurt if he ends up not feeling the same way.

how do I find out if he feels the same way I do?


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  • Talk about the future with him. And see what his plans are. And see if he might think they include you in some way.

    • Good idea. I think we are hanging out next weekend but I don't think I've ever felt this way about a guy haha so it kinda is different for me.

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    • Aww that'd be cute haha he is busy doing homework for the rest of the weekend but I will ask him that later. Another question, does it mean anything if he doesn't text me goodnight?

    • That is a hard question to answer. Because I usually talk to a lot of people on here and we can be in the middle of the conversation and they don't reply so I don't know they are gone or asleep.

      And since you arne't in a relationship I can't say much.

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  • Signs a guy has feelings for you: texts/calls you often, says he misses you, says he's jealous, introduces you to his friends/family, talks about the future and mentions you in it, cares about you, notices things about you other people don't, asks about your day and listens, makes sacrifices for you, compliments you a lot, has THE LOOK in his eyes, sends random/stupid texts, makes time for you, and you can tell by the way he touches you non sexually.

    If you need examples or elaborating on any of these things let me know.

    • Yeah based on everything you said I agree with you and don't think he sees me as more than a casual friend which is fine but I probably want to wait until I find something more than that hmm.

    • Oh that's if he has feelings for you. Don't determine whether or not he has a crush on you based on that list. If you want signs he is attracted to you let me know.

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