Guys, Does Guy A know that Guy B likes me... but they are being subtle about it... by hinting?

Guy A is the choir director and the College Sunday school teacher. Guy B is his friend and he is in the choir. We were at a rehearsal Guy B didn't come to. Guy B has complimented me a lot when I do solos... and he keeps complimenting my clothes. I've caught Guy B staring at me on multiple occasions.. even when I'm not looking. Someone else in the choir said something about his wife (older man).. I laughed and he said that I would be married too one day. I said not for a really long time. I don't know anybody. (Guy A is engaged... which doesn't matter... and he was Listening when I was talking.. The way he reacted to what I said made me think he might know something about Guy B.) he was looking at me with his mouth open like he was thinking something. I saw out of the corner of my eye. Then I said and it doesn't help that I'm shy. Guy A smiled really big and he said awwww....but it sounded like awwww no the way that he said it. This past Sunday... Guy B came in and sat by me in Sunday school. He kept moving around in his seat... crossing and uncrossing his legs different ways... fixing his jacket... he dusted his jacket off with his hand... he touched his hair. During the lesson... Guy A was talking about how we should talk with people and ask them to do things to have interactions with them and we should talk with God like that too. Then he said something weird. Guy A said we could go somewhere and date God. He realized he messed up smiled and said well not date. He started laughing at himself. Then Guy B started laughing and the I started laughing. Was that a coincidence? Or are these hints that Guy B has a crush on me and Guy A knows about it/wants to help him but they are trying to see if I'll catch on. I don't have much experience. Help!


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  • Guy b seems to like you by the way he looks and stares at you and tries to talk to you and he compliments you a lot. But if he does have a wife then that can be an issue. And I think guy a knows guy b likes you. I don't think their is much you can do. Just go with the flow and take your time.

    • Guy B doesn't have a wife

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    • Guy B is 26. I'm almost 30.

    • Uh ok. I do think guy b likes you but he might be afraid to make a move or might not have no experience with girls.

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