Valentine's postcard?

My crush sent me a Valentine's postcard from his country! Is it just me reading too much into things or is he interested?


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  • I don't know if other country's celebrate valentines day. Does he normally send you greeting cards? Do you normally keep in contact over the phone?

    • well, I don't really know if it's his normal behavior but he definitely didn't send me a Christmas card before?

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    • he finally visited and just left this morning, but it's a major disappointment. apparently he never really thought of me as more than a normal friend, can you believe it!

    • Did you want to have a romantic encounter?

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  • He's probably interested in you.

    • I thought so too! but because he's a quiet person and is far away so I can't help doubting sometimes. thanks for affirming :)

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  • Well, a Valentine's postcard usually means the person's interested.

    • wow, you guys seem to be so sure!

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    • Finnish :)

    • he finally visited my country and had just left this morning, but sadly had rejected me and he even said that he never thought of us as more than normal friends. unbelievable!

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