My girlfriend texted another guy at 3:30 in the morning without telling me, and she doesn't tell him she has a bf?

Ok so I went through my girlfriends phone which was unlocked at the time and I saw her having a text conversation with another guy, and last night/this morning she texted him at 3:30 am. Now it wasn't sexual, but I'm still worried. There are 24 hrs in a day, why text another guy you've pretending to be single with at that time?

What do you guys think? What's going through her head? And what is her behavior like?


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  • Did she tell this guy she was single or did she just not say anything at all? As long as the texts weren't sexual then there's no need to worry. You should probably not go through her phone anymore either. If you don't trust her then you should break up with her, not go through her personal items.

    • She was trying to set up dates with him earlier on in their conversation, trust me, he doesn't know she has a boyfriend.

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    • So you don't think there's any attraction there?

    • Not to the guy she's talking to for sure. You need to trust her otherwise your relationship with her isn't going to work.

  • What was she saying to him?

  • Why were you going through her phone?

    It wasn't sexual, somwhat are you worried about... and she may have told him in person that she's with someone.

    This guy may have a girlfriend too, you know

    • They were trying to set up dates, believe me when I tell you she hasn't told him she has a boyfriend.

      What does that mean?

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    • I didn't say that.

      You're thinking the worst and you'll keep thinking the worst until you ask her

    • Well would it be unreasonable for her to like him given the evidence?

      What would be some signs she liked him?

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