Am I overreacting? He said I love you always to his female friend?

So i've been dating this guy for 6 months now. I came across a message from him to his female best friend. It said 'love you always xx', so i looked through the messages and noticed that she regularly calls him sweetheart and babe, and they regularly tell each other that they miss one another. He also planned something for her on Valentine's day, saying he had a surprise for her. We went out for dinner together that night and he asked me to pay for half. I confronted him and he says it was a funny card etc. and that they're just friends.
My gut instinct is telling me otherwise. I really need an unbiased opinion here to tell me that i'm overreacting, or there's something going on here. Thanks!

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  • Yeah that would bother me. I know some people use that word loosely but saying "babe" and "sweetheart" plus "love"? Fuck dat. I don't care what anyway tells you, if she's attractive shit will go down sooner or later.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're not overreacting. I'd never tell a male friend I loved him.. if I was in a relationship.

    That's crossing a relationship boundary. The words they use are terms of endearment, but I'd never talk like that to a male friend. I'd dump his ass. Go with your gut hun. He's taking the piss ❤


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  • You see. What matters here is not only if she is her friend or not. Point is you think this level of intimacy is inadequate for friends. You should tell him that.

    • I've already brought this up multiple times to him. There's another issue, he won't introduce us. He simply states that we will hate each other because we're complete opposites in personality.

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    • Thank you :)

    • You're welcome
      Just find a way to meet her in person so he can't bullshit you two.

What Girls Said 2

  • If you think you're overreacting, you're not. Never go that far. Sometimes girls overreact but this is not one of those times

  • At the very least he doesn't respect you, at most there is something going on between them. And if there isn't yet, it certainly looks like there will someday.