Should I break up with him?

So my Boyfriend is lying to me as if I'm stupid and gullible.

we work together and we are dating now, he has a "girl best friend" , at first I didn't question anything because I know her and didn't think she would have anything to do with him in that manner; but literally everyone at work told me that they used to have a thing like they hung out all the time he told his best friends that he liked her and they did things , when I asked him if he liked her all I wanted was a yes or no Answer. He lied to my face and said no.
i told him it was over but he didn't want to end it so he kept lying it hurts worse that he does not want to end the friendship for her and to me it's for a reason.
im unhappy with the friendship specially now that I know he liked her and specially because he wants to hide from me that he had feelings for her to protect their friendship

how should I handle this better.
i think I should leave him now before I fall in love more.
We have only been a thing for about 2 months


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  • Well yes you should leave him but not for the reason you think. You should leave him because you don't trust him. He gave you an answer and you didn't believe it. Just because every one else say something doesn't make it true unless you hear it from the individuals involved.

    • But the individuals lie for a reason

    • He will deny it because he knows I don't trust the friendship and she will too

    • then what are you so hung up for. If you know he lied then so be it move on. He doesn't have your trust as long as he is talking to his BEST FRIEND then you two should not even be together.

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  • Look, if I were you and I found out that the guy lied to me, I'd definitely break up with him in order to save myself from hurting even more in the future.


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  • Once had a work relationship with one woman and a best female friend another woman at work though my best female friend is just that a friend, not the type to cheat.

    Before you end it you need to get absolute information truth that he is cheating. I mean I hung out with my best female friend shed take me home thats it. People got the wrong idea and spreaded rumors and I hated it cause they didn't have any proof it pissed me and my best female friend off even making the girl I like doubt me. All because people were guessing.

    But thats me I can't say your boyfriend is cheating or not I have no proof so you need to find proof and confront him. Whats his dating history has he cheated before? Did his past relationships end cause he cheated? You need to ask the girl.

    Warn him though if you find evidence that its over no turning back, but girl you need to be sure 1000% sure yea thousand

  • just play along


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