Does this guy want me back?

We have been broken up for a year now but just recently his been making contact with me, sussing me out I'm sure. My mom bumped into him and he was asking questions about me and also said his spending valentines day with his mom. I bumped into him 2 weeks ago and tried to just walk passed but he insisted on making me stop and chat.

What is he trying to do in your opinion?


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  • Probably mend fences. believe it or not, just because you broke up, doesn't mean that you can't be friends.

    • I wanted to be friends a year ago but he said he didn't want to. Do you think his scared i will friendzone him?

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    • I think what im confused about is that its been a year? Do you think i should contact him and meet up with him? Or just leave it, like i have... thanks for helping by the way

    • meet him. its just harmless...

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  • He can't find someone else atm so he's crawling back to you. It's only to use you till he finds someone else


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