Bar meet: when will he get in touch?

Went out with friends on Friday night, a couple of guys approached us, and I ended up talking to one of them for about 45 minutes (our friends actually left us alone). He asked for my number, and if we could meet up during the week, I said yes (even though my schedule is genuinely crazy right now).

I'm interest in him, but it's Sunday and I haven't heard anything... Is that normal? Should I not worry? And I should let him initiate in the early stages, right?

Any help is appreciated :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yea give it some time I would say if he doesn't say a word by Tuesday then you should probably move on. Their is no rule to how soon you should text someone though most people think Thier is. I would just wait and see and not get to caught up if he does or doesn't contact you

  • Yes. Give him some time


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd actually give up since he didn't even initiate.


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