Questions for Girls with FWB?

If you had a friends with benefits...

Would you ever call him your boyfriend to coworkers? Family? Friends?

Would you bad mouth him at times?

Would you be hurt/heartbroken if things didn't work out?


The reason I ask, is because my coworker was with a jerk, but he was tall and had a gym body. (She said it was a long term relationship)

She works a lot, so she barely had time to see him.

I know she was texting me from his place once, and they were getting drunk...

She always called him dude, guy, boy, rarely boyfriend.

She was venting about how she wanted a future and knew he didn't and then when they broke up she was really heart broken.

I'm just curious if it was a friends with benefits or he was an actual boyfriend.
She is Chinese if it makes a difference...

She has her heart set on marrige, kids, etc.


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  • No Id call him a friend still. No I wouldn't gossip about him, if I have a problem with him I'll talk to him about it. Yes I would but that's only because I've fallen in love with him.

    He was a friends with benefits but she had feelings for him.

    • I mean she said long term relationship, she was heartbroken when it ended, she said she wanted a future, but he didn't want to plan anything... She is Asian...

      Maybe I'm trying to convince myself? It hurts, the thought of her having a friends with benefits, having sex with another guy... Boyfriend is like understandable but friends with benefits just kills me inside.

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    • Well that would suck. Some people prefer people who are less attractive than them. I'm attractive but I go for the less attractive guys usually for certain reasons.

    • I find I guess "ugly/average" girls really attractive.

      I am not that shallow, as long as they aren't obese and have a great personality I would date.

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  • wouldn't call hmmm I could refer to him as my boyfriend to family and friends because if he was a friend woth benefits thag would mean we been friends for a while and taking it further

    • I guess there is no way to know for sure :(

  • that sounds like a friend with benefits

    • Are you sure? Why would say it was a long term relationship?

    • Maybe she wish it was...

    • It hurts me actually, I live her and it sucks she had a friends with benefits that broke her heart

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