Stuck with a FUCKBOY/PLAYER?

So I was with my ex other day we met up and we saw a girl who approached us and was smiling. My intuition was telling me he had had sex with her. She asked who I was and if we were together. He was talking out loud 'NO, NO well not really' and I was silent.

I questioned why he did that in my head, I never inquired about it.
Next week i'm going back going back to his city for fashion week however I'm not sure if I should see him. Is he a fuckboy? How should I cope with him? I still want to be friends but i'm not sure if he does.
we are still dating/seeing eachother he asked me to marry him 9 months ago but i didn't take it seriously


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What Guys Said 2

  • So you're dating but he's your still your ex?

    Who is the player really 😜👍

  • ... but he's your ex, and you're not dating anymore...

    • we are still dating/seeing eachother

    • Well then he probably should have told that girl you were dating, I would call him out on it.

What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably interested in her. What's your current relationship with your ex?


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