Why would you personal stare at a ex 247 but not saying anything to them?

my ex now works at the place i normally go shopping at and where ever i go their she stares a lot. in fact its gotta so bad where other people have point out too me she staring. why does she keep staring? why doesn't she try talking to me? if she hates me why stare should has a boyfriend and i got a f2f so its very odd behavior. seeing as how we haven't talked in 2 years and she asked me never to speak to her agin the last time we almost talked. else we were almost engaged.. just thought I'd add that in their. so why would you personally keep staring at a ex?


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  • She's probably surprised to see you there and still hasn't gotten over things, even if she's moved on.

    She also might be thinking how awkward it is to see you

    • Well not surprised since it's your fav store. But it still shakes her up

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    • I'm sorry I'm sure seeing her isn't a very fun reminder.

      Why were you guys forced apart by her parents?
      Was it something she could've fought against? If you're above 18 she shouldn't have to listen to them

    • she above 18 and it was something she could have fought against. .. She was jus too weak. this was over a fight we had on facebook& over the phone no joks

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