How to know if he still cares about me, without even saying anything?

we dated for a long time, but we broke up its been 5+ months now on no contact, I've picked up somethings such as coming near to me when he would avoid being so close to me.


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  • First, check out this link: ( link )

    Then start asking yourself what does he do, that shows he cares?

    Does he kiss you passionately or briefly?

    Does he embrace you or just hug you?

    Does he call you only at night, or does he try to spend time with you during the day?


    The thing you caught on to (about him coming close to you) are good indicators of him caring about you. If you can combine several similar signs (Like some that I've listed above) you can get a rough idea if he cares or not.

    Think of it like this: How much effort is he putting into making you happy (and is that amount of effort a reasonable match to how much effort you put into making him happy)?

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  • get over it

    • Really, its not that easy.....

    • I know, but it is, it that simple. but its hard to do. what do you want me to say

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