Why we males think this way? This is wrong but we can't help it?

We have 2 compartments where we put women in -
1. Wife / Long - Term girlfriend category.
2. Just a hook up / Slut / Pump and dump category.

When we see a woman - we want to know about her past, how many guys she has dated, how many boyfriends she had , how her ex looks etc.

And then we put her in hookup category and she can never come into wife category.

Why we think like this? Do we need more feminists or less feminists?
  • This is normal for males, because the most important thing to a male is loyalty, and if he sees a pattern in a woman of constantly changing boyfriends, he treats that woman as a slut.
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  • This is not normal, most males don't think this way, they are ready to accept a woman even if she has many boyfriends before.
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  • Men do this too lol
    They fuck the super hot dude that has been with all her friends, but then want to marry the cute guy with a nice job that is not popular.
    It's just how it is, for both men and women.

  • Many people do that, not just men. Personally, I just want a woman for a relationship and sex, so i refuse to seek out those for pump and dump


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