How to walk out from damaging relationship?

I've been doing friends with benefit thing for four years. He's becoming my friend and also sex buddy. But lately it doesn't feel right, I need a commitment and he couldn't give me that. How to tell him that I want this to end? I don't want to hurt him.


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  • What makes you think its "damaging"?
    You just want more... so tell him. You just think you can get more from him because he is the one pleasuring you... but its not always the case.
    If you ask me, i think you already have what you are asking for... you just want the "label". I had an intense argument with someone on here because of that.
    He is your friend... and you get to fuck him. why ruin the rotation searching for some kinda promise?
    If you want the label... the fucking slap it on him... stop waiting.

    • oh I forgot to mention that I'm willing to do sex because I don't want him to go. I said it's damaging because he also never let me go. Whenever I try to leave he keeps chasing me, but still, he won't give me any commitment

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    • I know, I was stupid for hoping he'll give me that commitment. I tought that's how it works but it's obviously not. That's why I said it doesn't feel right for me and I need to leave.

    • No hon, thats not how it works. Admittedly.. if you start off with sex... its hard (but possible) to bring up the other shit... but most dont know how to do it... so i recommend you should leave.
      dont get me wrong, i dont believe in females holding sex hostage so they can get commitment (morons)...
      I just think you gotta know what you want... and if its commitment you want... clear the obstacles.
      To be honest, you already have commitment... its been four years...
      ask yourself what you want... then go from there. I mean... you already get dick... now you want "labels"...
      so ask... how will you get around to that?
      (i wouldn't by the way.. i'd just keep getting it, until i find another)

  • One foot in front of the other


What Girls Said 1

  • Trust me, if he doesn't want to be committed to you, odds are that he won't be hurt. You need to tell him that it's no longer working out for you and you would rather be in a relationship with someone.


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