Do I go on this date or not?

There is a guy who likes me and I KINDA like him back but not as much as he likes me. his been my friend for over a year now yet we haven't met or gone out on a date (due to me) never knowing how i feel about him. plus we met on a dating site. do i go on the date or do i not. am i stringing him along if i go on the date though because of how much he likes me?
and last question have you ever liked someone better in person than over the way they come across texting and phone calls?


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  • I was in the same situation as you are. Few times actually. And all I can tell you is that you won't know until you meet him in person. It's just one date, it's not like you're marrying him. It's not stringing him along, it's called giving it a shot.

    I did that couple of times and I was right - there was no chemistry. But then THE SAME THING happened with my current boyfriend and I honestly went on that date because I was bored. I had no expectations what so ever, I was sure that there won't be chemistry. But he was persistent and I liked texting with him and I liked that he REALLY liked me. On my BIG surprise the date went extremely well! The moment I saw him I noticed that he has this kind of spark and moves and the way he talks that was turning me on. It was so strong that it completely erased the fact that I previously didn't find him that physically attractive (on pictures). Turned out he's way cuter in person. I'm crazy about him now! :)


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  • TBH I took a girl on a date thinking the same thing: I was indifferent to her, but kinda into her, while she liked me way more.

    The date went so well that I feel for her. And we're talking now. Give him a chance. Worst case scenario nothing happens but you get some drinks.

    As for the texting/ phone calls what do you mean? If they are better in person than they are texting than yes, because people suck at texting.


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  • don't go on a date with him if you're dragging your feet. I used to think it was the nice thing to do to not reject him after he's tried so hard, but it's really not. It just encourages false hope or it prolongs moving on


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