So...Girls... You go out on a 'first date' with a guy...

what races through your mind - say during the first 15 or 20 minutes of it? Are you constantly overanalyzing what must be going thru his mind? "Does he think I'm cute?" , "I hope what I'm wearing is not over the top", "Damn.I hope I was able to conceal that little pimple" or whatnot. Do you feel self-conscious or are you happy go lucky, laid back and not too worried. Oh yeah, I'd also like to hear from those who've gone on a Blind Date.


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  • I've kinda gone on a blind date before. My friend (who was a guy)'s best friend went to the other high school in our town. I had talked to him a few times on the phone or computer when he was with my friend but that's it so technically it wasn't completely blind. My friend knew that we both had some interest in each other and planned for them two and my friend and I to go see a movie. I was so nervous, he was really cute and I knew I had a chance with him and I didn't wanna ruin it. We were left alone for a few minutes and I tried to listen to what he was saying but things just kept running through my mind. It seemed like it wasn't even happening. All through the movie I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was staring at me and I was no nervous about how I looked, and what I should do. I also fantasized a little about things that could happen. After a few months we started going out and we have been for 3 months on tuesday. I recently talked to him about that day and he said he all the same things were going through his head, so even though guys may look chill, they're really as nervous as we are. I hope my answer helped!

    • Awesome. haha. Well I already went on the first date but I could not read her for anything! On another good note though (it's been about 2 weeks since) She was willing to go out with me again (Asked her two days ago) but she was booked!! She seemed happy that I asked. I do get this feeling she plays hard to get sometimes but then she'll do something completely opposite of that just throws me off!

  • Well, when I go out on a date with a guy a like, I pretend to be comfortable and cool. But in reality, my head is spinning like crazy. I worry about how I look, If I'm talking too much, if I'm not interested enough. If he still finds me pretty up close and personal. If I have food stuck between my teeth. I also fantasize a little, like I imagine the guy kissing me, holding my hands, kissing my neck. Blah, blah.

    Now, If I don't like a guy, my body language will say it all!


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