Gagers what do you think I should do? My female freind told me she has liked me for a few years and wants to date, but I'm not sure about it?

A few months ago I broke up with my girlfriend of a year and she took more of my heart with her that I thought she would. Soon after my close female freind told me that she has liked me for a few years and wants to try and take our friendship to the next level, dating. Now that I feel that I'm ready to start dating again. I'm not sure if I want to try dating my best female freind. Sure she is very pretty, hot, and smart. However I'm not sure that we would do well dating and I'm not sure that I want to risk losing her as a freind. Were good freind personality wise but I'm weary about how our personalities would mix as a couple.

Before any one asks were both waiting till were married for sex. So I am not going to go on a few dates and just use her for sex.
  • If you don't you will probably lose her as a freind after all
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  • Try a few dates and see how it goes you two can always go back to being friends
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  • Don't try it if your not into her than it won't work out
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  • Try hanging out alone, not on a date just alone and see what you feel
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  • Your feelings for her might grow if you give you two a try
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  • Talk to her again and tell her how you feel hash it out between you both
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I'm going to talk to her. I'm open to trying a few dates. Cause if I don't I'm pretty sure that I will lose her. I enjoy spending time with her so it can't be that bad. I might even want to try for a few more dates after.


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  • I picked the second last option. Though I feel like relationship work well when two people have created a great friendship from it.

    I would talk to her about you feel. Make her realise what the possibilities could be, and go from there

    • K thanks for the advice any more? Like how do I tell her that she is a lovely girl but I'm just not really attracted to her sexually much. Cause honestly when she told me I was used to seeing her like a sister. Actually my little sis is her best freind which is how we met.

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    • Thank you for MH

    • Your welcome mooky

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  • I'm going with ABEF. Go for it and see what happens mate. Your always trying to get me to try and suggest lovers that are not there so I'm suggesting that you have a woman that wants to date go for her!

    • Thanks for the advice Dim. Actually could I chat with you a bit in PM.

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  • I'd tell her what you're feeling about a potential relationship and maybe go on a few dates to see how it feels for you afterwards. If you still feel like you'd be better as friends, then let her know.

    • But can we really go back to just being friends after? In my experience either a relationship works out or it ends there is no staying friends after.

    • If you have an open discussion and she understands how you're feeling, you can figure out how you want to proceed.

What Guys Said 1

  • What makes you think it wouldn't work out as more than friends? Are you not attracted to her in that way?

    • Well for the past few years. She has been in my sisterzone and now she is asking me to want her romantically. I'm not sure that I can do that and, I'm not sure our personalities would mix well being more than freinds. We might end up killing each other. We both love to challenge each other and we don't back down. A simple prank often escalates into much more.

    • I see, so it is more a (potential) personality clash.

      I had a situation in my first job out of college where a girl I worked with and I became good friends and hung out and did a lot of stuff. She made several not very subtle hints that she wanted more, but to be honest I just felt zero physical attraction to her and always played naive so as not to hurt her feelings.

      I can see why you wouldn't want to lose her as a friend, but if you turn her down that may happen anyway. Sometimes a sexual relationship can help diffuse petty escalations of differences, but it sounds like that is off the table (or bed) in your case.

      I suppose you will have to use your own judgement on whether it is worth taking the chance, but if you are that close to her maybe it will work out, as you seem to already know each others quirks. At least you'd be going in with eyes open.

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