Why do most girls turn me away?

Like I don't understand what it takes to get a girlfriend

Thanks again


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  • a general interest on both sides. Not just wanting someone... wanting someone gets you no where you have to forge a bond with someone who feels the same.

    • Are looks a part of the issue https://imgur.com/IqFsHz3

    • Your cute and have nice eyes play them up... I love a guy who can smile with their eyes... I feel like looks matter but not how you think... body language is soooo important. You want to work on your walk and posture and where your hands are and what you do with them when your talking to someone else. Like balled up hands are usually a sign of nerves which can come across as insecurity and that for many people is unattractive... you don't seem sure of yourself so how can you be sure of anything else... just an example.

    • Wow was expecting the exact opposite

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  • Because they aren't attracted to you looks and/or personality.

    • But this is most girls like it's gotten to the point i don't understand what I'm doing wrong now

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  • 1. Because you're not confident in yourself.
    2. Because you treat women too kindly without being in a relationship first.
    3. Because you don't scream "I have options"
    4. Because perhaps you do not have a career that makes you stand out

    ... the possibilities are endless my friend

    • Mmm hmm

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    • I agree

    • Ok so I'm straight my friend was another dude and this girl wanted to get with him