Guys, Unexpected fart incident! So embarrassed?

So my boyfriend has this habit of carrying me at unexpected times or when I least expect it. He was making something in the kitchen and I was in the living room trying to find a good movie for us to watch. I didn't even hear him come in & I was holding in a fart when he suddenly carried me by the waist and squeezed me. I couldn't hold it in anymore and it honestly was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, lol. He has never heard any type of bodily function from even though we've been together just over 3 years. He literally died laughing and I got a case of the giggles because I was extremely mortified. All I could think to say was "You squeezed me," and he couldn't compose himself after that. I am so embarrassed & ashamed in so many ways, lol. We've joked about farting in front of each other before but it never actually happened until today. I feel less of a lady and don't want him to think of me as that girlfriend who farts, lol :P When will he stop giving me a hard time about It? It was a accident! *blushing*


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  • no time soon I guess. Its fine though am sure he will make a fool of himself manytimes for you to get your payback.

    • He has no problem being a fool in front of me! But I like being in control and I couldn't be in that situation lol :P So embarrassing

    • 😂 what can I say sh*t happens. though I hope not literally this time. 😂😂 lol sorry

    • You're a meanie lol :P I'm normally on my best behaviour when it comes to bodily function ahaha :)

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  • you've been together a long time so its okay not to worry! people fart :p

    • Ladies aren't supposed to fart! Especially not in front of their boyfriends lol :P I honestly thought I'd die from being so mortified

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    • fingers crossed! :)

    • He didn't forget lol & you're so nice :) my boyfriend could learn a thing or two from you ahaha :) Instead of making fun of me all the time

  • You farted no big deal

    • Could have been worse

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    • No! Lol :) We weren't doing anything romantic thank God lol

    • That would have awkward for both

  • Wait, I though girls didn't have fart glands.

    Seriously, don't be embarrassed. I think it's cute.

    • Why is it cute? Lol :) That's the most embarrassing human thing a girl can do

    • Exactly; if you weren't so embarrassed about it, it wouldn't be so cute. :)

    • Why is embarrassment cute to guys? Lol :)

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