Girl All of a Sudden Started Purposefully Ignoring Me?

So here is the situation. I met this girl on Tinder nearly 3 months ago and we hit things off really well. The conversations were great and really long through text messages and it never really felt forced and just flowed. I finally got to meet her a week and a half ago and then took her out for our first date on Valentines. We ended up closing the restaurant down and then back to her place and talked until 2 in the morning and then at the end we hugged and she didn't seem like she wanted to let go and I didn't want her to, she even almost fell asleep in my arms and it was nice. I decided to kiss her before I left and went for it and she didn't act surprised or caught off guard. We talked for the next few days but her messages got shorter and then farther apart and all of a sudden she was too busy to talk to me. We are Snapchat friends though and I saw where she had gone out for 2 nights on the weekend and ignored snaps I had sent her from the day before. She also didn't respond to the last text message I sent her. I have not since reached out to her because I don't want to come off desperate and give her space if that is what she is hinting at by not responding. I just want some opinions and insight as to A) why someone that you have been seemingly almost dating for months like most people thought we were would all of a sudden purposefully ignore you B) what my next step should be.
I really like this girl and she seems to like me because we put 3 months of effort into one another. I was going to give it a few days and see if she decided to reach out to me before sending her a text message just asking her for an explanation or something because I feel like we both deserve that after this length of time.
Any insight and opinions you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


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  • She's probably keeping her options open, and most likely dating other guys too. When someone ignores you then that's just as good as their words. It lets you know exactly where you stand with them. She's obviously been distancing herself because she's no longer interested


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