He didn't call me yesterday - is that okay?

Heyy guys.

I'm 17 year old girl.

So there's this guy in my age who have tried to contact me (by social media) since January 2017, because he's friend with my cousin and got to know about me - with her help ofc.

So I was against that, blabla, because I thought he wasn't my type (I thought he was a jerk) and I didn't accept him on my social media and stuff expect for Skype.

He stopped contacting me, but CAME BACK 2 days ago, and I gave him a chance to talk with me through Skype.

So 2 days in a row, we have been talking to each other for several hours, like 4-5 hours. And I started to like him a lot. We talked about school, relationships, family and what we wanted to be in the future; And yea, almost every subject.

He also mentioned that he doesn't "talk the same way" as he does with his friends, and stuff like that. And it even came out that some of his other friends are my cousins, and then he said "Hey if we two were cousins everything would be ruined now" which was a joke ofc haha :P

And expect for that, his friend called him on his phone and said that they wanted to talk with him, but he told them that he was busy and couldn't. And when I told him "It's ok u can go" he said: No I don't want to. Which I liked.. hehe

But he made me laugh a lot... & when I was going to sleep and told him that I have to go, he said:

-Ohh.. okay. Sweet dreams take care of yourself, goodnight.

And I said;
- Goodnight, see ya!

And right after I said "See ya" he said; Yees we have too, goodnight.

But but this guy is also a football guy, he didn't call me yesterday and I know there was a football match on TV - or I just guessed that he was busy or something. But he hasn't called me...
Should I stop worry about it? Is it ok that he hasn't called? I accept that people have their busy lifes, but I know guys.. to me it sounded like he started to like me too.

Pleasee pleaseee help me ! :)


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  • I do it to my girlfriend once in a while too. Sometimes I fall asleep or simply forget. Nothing big at all

    • Oh glad to hear that, it feels better to hear this from a guy so I don't worry about why he hasn't called me. But do you think that he likes me?

    • He seems to like you, just how he talks to you and that. My money is on him liking you

    • He called me!!! Twice actually hehe :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should story worrying about that. It's only been 2 days. You need to relax.


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  • I think he likes you a lot;) congrats🙌 just wait and see if he starts a conversation soon

    • Really? So it doesn't matter if he didn't call me yesterday or maybe not even today?

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    • He called me twice!

    • today? congrats!!

  • just be patient he will call. JUS DON'T CALL HIM


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