Is dating your best friend a good thing?

They know all about you, what makes you laugh, your pressure points, how to handle you, what makes you happy and sad, and for whatever reason they know you. Now it doesn't mean these relationships always work out but it sounds like it would certainly be better than dating a person you aren't fully knowledgeable about right?
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What Girls Said 1

  • I've been dating my best friend for 2 years c:


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't believe that dating a "friend" is necessary. What matters is romantic connection and attraction. Anyone can get to know you and if they like you they will want to please you. Some people are just not romantically attracted and some romances would not make it as friendships.

  • It's not impossible that it will work out, but you both need to be prepared for the possibility of the friendship ending permanently because of it.

    • You don't think a friendship can be salvaged?

    • It can be, but if you break up it will be very hard to salvage your friendship.

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