Is He interested or not?

I was dating an guy for 2 months and we had stop talking bc I bought up the fact of him being on the the dating site that we met on , just to ask a question. Which was "Are you talking to other women?" He said no but obviously I didn't believe him but i didn't tell him i just said whatever. After that conversation with him, he decided to not text or call me so i waited two days , called him and he hung up in my face... sooo i just left it alone also moved on. Then 3 weeks passed he sends me this long message of how srry he was etc etc. I ignored it then he called me and left an long Voicemail. So i callef him back we work things out but I tell him sometimes I feel as if he isn't that into me bc he's always out with his friends and i give him space and i don't blow up his phone. We plan times to hang out but we were just busy... how do i tell him i want more time to talk and see him? And is he even interested?


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  • No he isn't


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