Why do girls who cheat on their boyfriends constantly post about their boyfriend on social media?

I've noticed that some of the girls I know who cheat on their boyfriends constantly post about how awesome their boyfriends are on instagram and twitter and facebook, why do they do this? Is it guilt or feeling bad, why would someone do this?


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  • They're drama Queens, attention seekers, etc.

    • What do you mean?

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    • prob guilt then. but she sounds crazy, and you don't seem to be that much better as a home wrecker lol

    • She never told me at all. I found out on my own.

      And yes, I'd agree. She likely has something wrong with her.

What Guys Said 1

  • social accolades are a huge thing nowadays! The term "fake it till you make it" is still a thing. Only problem is it should be "fake it till you break it". It's not just the attention or the person, its the putting up a face for people she may or may not know]. Its staying relevant in social media world that the drug and she is an addict! mind has been warped to shyt.
    so it is what it is.. till she plays the victim


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