Guys, if you're being honest, it is really you or them?

If you're being really honest with yourself, are all your dating problems really the result of the opposite sex alone or do you take some responsibility in your lack of dates or sexual partners, or do you recognize that you have your own issues, and it's really not someone else's fault.

For either answer, why do you think that is?
  • All my dating problems are 100% due to women and their issues
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  • 50% of my dating problems come from me, the other 50% from women
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  • All my dating problems are 100% due to myself and my own issues
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  • I just don't date by choice, so in my mind, neither
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What Guys Said 3

  • If girls were more willing to take action, then maybe I wouldn't be single. At the same time, if I wasn't such a dumbass, maybe I wouldn't be single.

  • relationships are a two way street. there is always something I could have done better, and vice versa.

  • It takes two to tango so I know that if my girlfriend is pissed and angry with me I should let her calm down and then talk rationally. But it's easier said than done. Same goes for her.


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