Where would you leave this relationship in this scenario? Guys and girls?

Date 1: You go bowling. You start teasingly joke how you will beat him in bowling, you catch him rolling his eyes. He says he thought you would be shorter in person.
Date 2: He's late to your date by 1 hour due to him burning his foot and him being drunk last night.
Date 3: He takes you to a carnival type thing, wins you a pikachu. Then invites his friends after. You tell him you don't feel comfortable meeting them yet but he insist they come.
Date 4: Before the date, he asks you to be his girlfriend while drunk. He's still on the dating website. When you ask why, he says he still wanted to see who he would match with. Tells you he's falling for you hard and he might love you.
Relationship 1: He tells you he's been to jail and has a DUI. He starts touching you and you tell him it's okay for him to do this. He says, I'll touch you there if I want. You guys try to talk a lot on the phone but he ignores/ hangs up while playing computer games.
Realtionship 2: He's constantly drunk and when you bring up something, he hits your car window in frustration. He tells you you're bullshit in a jokingly way due to winning a game. In front of his friends he told you to get your ass back on the game. You noticed he has puke spots from 3 days ago still on his bed from a few days ago.
Relationship 3: He has a picture of a girl he used to have a fling with in his phone recently and says he only hung out with her to make sure she didn't get taken advantaged of and r*ped. He NEVER likes any of your posts on facebook... But he's constantly like another girls stuff. Everything she posts. When you ask him why, he says he doesn't like pictures or go on social media a lot but he's ALWAYS on there.
Realtionship 4: Unknown best friend who is a girl you never met emerges and he starts talking to her a lot.
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  • I can't stand when someone is late especially for a stupid reason


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