Has this affected our relationship?

The guy I'm currently dating keeps bringing up my sexual history ever since I opened up to him about it. The reason I told him was because I wanted to be honest to him about my past and how I made a few mistakes. I keep telling him that it was my past and I'm over it and I cut off contact with the two guys I was previously involved with, yet he still asks me detailed questions about the sex

He always gets upset after we have had the conversation and isn't as talkative afterwards, and seems sad and more distant with me, but then he usually picks up and is himself again.

One time he spent an hour and a half asking me about my sex life with my ex and he asked me 'was there anyone else?' And I feel like he is judging me for my mistakes.

But even though he got sad he still wanted to spend 4 more hours together with me and we were having a good time afterwards and a good laugh. He drove me home and we talked about our next date

I feel like he has been put off by me. Has this affected our relationship?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Only the two of you can decide how this will effect your relationship.
    (Speaking from personal experience here)
    When I was deeply interested in someones sexual history (looking back) I was deciding weather or not this was deal breaking. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the whole story, that is as long as you are willing share it.
    Sex is a major driving force for males (due to biology).
    So understand that this stuff is very important to us.
    the silence could be disappointment, because it may make any sexual actions with him seem less special/memorable to you, and he's trying to cope with that. Or he is trying to understand what they did right/wrong then reflecting on that to better prepare himself. It's a good sign that after he was done processing the information , and the host of emotions that stem from it, that he was able to continue relatively unhindered.
    (Again, this was my experience now better recognized looking back.)
    He may not know exactly why he so invested in knowing, or why it's making him feel the way he feels.
    Understand that emotions and how to deal with them is definitely not a strength in the make population. (again biology)

    I can clarify anything that confused you.. 😄

  • I don't believe in talking about past relationships. My motto is "Less history, more mystery."


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd break up with my boyfriend if he did this to me. A persons past is the past and that's where it should be left. You shouldn't feel bad for your past at all, especially seeing as it's him that has the problem with it and not you.


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