She has never had a relationship how can I put this together?

I know this girl. We both like each other its obvious. I don't think she has ever been in a relationship before as she is quite young 18. I have reasons to believe this. She's pulled back on me after my advances. She hasn't gone cold but things could get real so she's hesitant. I do think she likes me however, and her pulling back isn't a rejection more like a protective measure. We get along/click really well. She flirts like crazy with me.

If I can put this together it will likely be her first relationship, it seems it could be scary for her. How can I best lead this without freaking her out and earning her trust?

The first step is that I need to slow things down a bit. How can I process forward with an inexperienced girl to make her feel comfortable and safe?

This may seem like dumb question, but Im really just looking for others wisdom and experiences to share and maybe I can relate them to this.


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  • Man, Im in the same situation with a guy, but he is like 30. I think the other day i scared him a little because i didn't know he had so little experience, but you're right. We need to have more patience and understand them. Earn their trust is key. In my situation, ill continue doing the same things until he feels ready.

    • So your just casually talking until they feel comfortable? how will you push it forward? whats your plan?

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    • 3 dates. Yes its odd. Im starting to think maybe something happened to him and he has trust issues and I don't know

    • That's very possible. What the hell should I do?

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