Opinions Needed: Is it a date?

(You can skip to the question at the bottom if details aren't your thing :3)

I feel weird posting this cause considering I set the meeting up, I should know the answer, but anyways:

Met a girl online just over a month ago, we've spoken everyday since, and seem to be in a good place. I like her and think she might like me but neither of us have said anything about it.

Valentine's day came and I asked a few days prior whether she was fortunate enough to have anyone, just to see if she was available, and she said she had no one but was meeting up with one of her girl friends on Valentine's day so I left it there. Late at night on Valentine's day I asked how her day went regarding the friend and she said her friend cancelled on her last minute so I suggested grabbing food to which she replied with saying that she would but it was late and she was already in bed - fair enough. She also apologised, said she felt bad (presumably for declining my offer) and said we should do something at the weekend.

The weekend mentioned (the one that just ended) ended up being a complete mess for her with certain things happening so we never got round to sorting anything out. I asked her last night if she wanted to go see a new film that's coming out next week and she said she does, and also apologised for not meeting up this last weekend.

Question; Even though I was the one that suggested it, is it a date? I'm happy with meeting her whether it's a date or not, although I was going with the presumption that it was not a date, but my friend insists that it is. Thought I'd post here to see what the majority says.

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  • Nope cause you didn't say it was


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