Unrequited Love with a coworker? How to stop pain?

I can't get rid of this stinging pain in my heart... It's been two years.

I met this girl at my work, Seeing her everyday, talking to her and even teasing each other... We were really tight with each other :)

I thought she liked me too, so one day I asked what's going on between us...

She said we were only friends :(

Which I still don't want to believe, maybe she was scared to open up?

So we both apologized to each other and agreed to remain friends...

However she was acting awkward, didn't really want to talk, super uncomfortable...

I felt horrible, and even tried to get her to open up but she didn't.

We are professional at work, ask each other anything/help/no awkwardness...

It hurts me every single day that I go in and see her beautiful face and think about what could have bin... and it sucks she won't talk to me about anything,
In Love with a coworker who says she doesn't feel the same way. How to stop heartache while at work?



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  • Try and distract yourself

    • That's another problem, my work is kinda slow... So I can't focus on it

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