True love is freedom - Is it true?

People say that True Love is Freedom.

At the beginning of dating,

Should you let a girl go and check out her other options with other guys?
or if she goes and checks out her options, you will see her as disloyal and dump her?

NOTE - I have seen that when you let a woman go and she goes out and checks out her other options and if all other guys turn her off, she will come back to you, and this time she will be really in love and she will love you so much because you are the best man and she has checked out all her options.
  • Yes, if you let a woman go and set her free and she checks out her other options , when she will come back she will love you with all her heart, because you are the best in her eyes.
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  • No, such type of a woman will be unloyal in future, just dump her
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  • Other ( I want to give my own comments )
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  • You don't seem to be making a distinction between dating and a relationship.

    • The beginning of relationship is called dating

    • Yes, that's right. So, when you are dating, you are checking out options by definition. That's my point!

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