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So I had dinner with this girl that I've been kinda crushing on. It wasn't really a date and it was more of us hanging out. We knew each other from class but really started talking on tinder when we matched and I got her number and all that. I feel like things went pretty good. We hung out and talked for like 2 hours and laughed a decent bit and when I dropped her off she said she had fun. I don't know. If you (girls) didn't have fun or weren't enjoying it what would you have done or how would you have acted? Would you been trying to make up and excuse to get out asap or what?
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What Girls Said 2

  • If I didn't have Fun, hun, I certainly would Never have been laughing, Making Myself look like I had Egg all over my own Face. I would have Wanted to Rush the Date and go Home Alone.
    It sounds like a Winner but bear in Mind, that it's New, so Go Slow, Joe.
    Nuerse and Nurture something potentially Special and See where Mother Nauture might Take you Both.
    Good Luck and Great work.
    Welcome to Gag Town. xx

  • Dinner is a date, or at least to me it is haha. It sounds like she had a fun time and could connect with you. This is the first you guys hung out so don't get too carried away or try to read into it so much.

    • You think I should ask her out on a date?

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    • A couple weeks? 😂 What about a week? Or would that be moving fast?

    • Well, it depends on how much you guys talk to each other and how comfortable you are with each other. I'm guessing you guys just started talking so you want to take it slow. It kinda hard to know because some are ready to go faster and some aren't. But I will say that taking it too fast is usually more disastrous than taking it too slow. You can do it in a week but that just all depends on the signals you are getting from her

What Guys Said 1

  • I wonder if I would have chose a university.

    I would have been in the lucky situation as you.

    For the next date you fuck her until her heart breaks.


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