How do I bring up the topic?

I've been thinking of asking my friend if she would like to be friends with benefits but not sure how to bring up the topic without making it weird. What would be the best approach?


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  • What's your current relationship with her? Do you even flirt with each other? Do you feel that there is a sexual connection between you? If not, never bring it up.

    • we have flirted with each other and she influenced me to break up with me ex. so I believer she wanted something

    • Then ask her opinion about friends with benefits situations. Ask her if she would ever be interested in getting involved in one.

What Guys Said 1

  • well if you feel weird asking her then maybe she isn't the one you should ask. If you really want to be friends with benefits with someone then you should feel like you can ask them without worrying about it.

    • So how I ask?

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    • k good 4 u

    • go get em

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