I've Known Him Since Middle School: How Do I Get His Attention?

Hey Guys,

So here's my dilemma. There's a guy who I've been going to the same school with since I was like 11, and up until about a month ago I'd never paid much attention to him aside from when we occasionally chat.

WELL, one days I was jokingly poking fun at him about how he's always late to the one class we have together and the turned into a banter but a kind of cute one I guess. I wouldn't say it was flirting but I have noticed since we started communicating more that he's nicknamed me "sweetheart" and I catch him watching me sometimes. Of course I'm watching him too now and noticing he's really grown up since we were in Junior High.

I want to let him know I'm interested but I don't know if he is too. A little help?


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  • Well, from what you have just said, it sounds like he is interested in you...

    • Really? What should I do then?

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    • Awesome... let me know how you go...

    • Thanks for mho :-)

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  • be honest. do it the easy way though. ask him if he likes you, or if you're shy about it, if he thinks you look pretty, or be cheap and ask how anything looks on you, it can be anything you're wearing, or a body part if you want to get into that. it's an easy transition into what he thinks of you, and it's an opening for him to compliment you, which, if he does like you, he'll run with it. a lot of times guys are shy when it comes to things like that. especially with a long time friend, and around your age range.
    keep in mind that if he doesn't take your bait it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like you, he may just be shy or afraid to admit his feelings. keep giving him openings until you get an answer one way or the other. or, if you want to skip all that, be straightforward and tell him you like him. It's a bold move, but you'll skip all the waiting.

  • show him your memes


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  • Keep bonding with him. That will help you get closer to him. Also, try to tease him more. Guys usually like that.


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