Should I ask her out? Keep talking with her?

I always liked her and sometimes got the feeling she liked me too, but she had a boyfriend. She's told me before she really likes being around me. She broke up with her boyfriend about two weeks ago. I haven't seen her since before they broke up. I've texted her a few times, but they've been short.

Yesterday I tried to start a conversation and we texted a while. Then in the morning today she started texting me by sending me some video to watch and we talked some more.

I'll see her again on campus tomorrow since classes are starting. Not sure if I should ask her out or just be her friend.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Even if you ask her out, I doubt she will say yes, since she broke up with her boyfriend 2 weeks ago, which means that she probably won't be eager to get involved in a relationship right now


What Guys Said 1

  • ask her out, chance isn't always in your hand.


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