Is it a date or not?

I asked a guy I've been hanging out with for months now. I don't know what factors into a date. So he responded with" what have been doing for months now? I mean we go to restaurants and sit at the beach drinking beer... what did you think it was?" I honed had no idea we were going on dates. But then he mentioned going to a restaurant during happy hour. So did he just ask me out on a date.


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  • If on the subjects of dates and how you are hanging out is dates, it's safe to assume that he means he would like take you on a date but it also sounds like he wants them to be casual and feel natural because isn't a date really just hanging out with some one that you are attracted to

    • Yeah. I mean we're just two people who enjoy each other. And I honestly wasn't paying attention that they were dates we've been going on for 14months. It makes me happy but at the same time embarrassed because I was trying not to emphasize that I wanted him to take me on a date.

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  • Yes, of course that's a date! I mean, he already explained to you that you have been dating each other for a while.

    • Ok. But if someone even hints that he's my boyfriend, he gets upset and then sets the record straight.

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