He's GREAT but he's a little weird, should I give him a chance?

I've been seeing a guy for a little over a month. We've been on a few dates and while I was trying to gradually assess whether or not I could envision something romantic forming between us (aka if I could look past a few dealbreakers), he's been certain about it from the get-go. I made sure to not get physical with him just yet.
I'm very attracted to him, and he's very attracted to me. He's kind, funny, artistic and has interests that basically match the guy that I never thought I'd find! Too good to be true. Well it is...
Here's the problem: His laugh (trust me, it's a problem)... And his behaviour is sometimes childlike, like he needs to be tamed or calmed down. He goes from this hot, mature man to... well. And sometimes he does questionable things to make me laugh -- and I'm too polite/kind to not laugh, afraid of embarrassing him.
What do I do? I don't want to change him, or anyone for that matter. And I don't want to lead him on either! It's almost been 2 months, and he's made it clear that he has feelings for me whereas I am STILL deciding if I like his personality.
Thank you


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  • Imagine yourself 5 years from now with him, do you see yourself happily enjoying his company at home, having lovely days out that you both enjoy, do you think you could happily take him to events like a family wedding. If you answer all yes then what's holding you back?

    • He really is a great guy. So honestly, yes. And he's so friendly. Strangers (even children) warm up to him so easily from what I've seen. When someone is kind hearted you feel it! I feel like a shallow fool for caring about those little things which is why I'm on here. I don't want to hurt him but if I end things he will be devastated and if we keep going it just gets to that same possibility of hurting him if it happens later

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    • Thank you Medieval :)

    • Haha if you care too much about what others think you'll end up sacrificing your own happiness.

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  • You know I think that if you really really like him but there's a fee things that are kind of weird to you, you should give him a chance. No one is perfect and there's going to be things you don't like about everyone. Are the weird things about him things that you could bring to his attention? Maybe he will change those behaviors for you. I'd say if he makes you happy then go for it!


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  • You're leading him on, make a decision quick. I think you don't really like him

    • Thanks! Love the straight forward answer, you may be right. Something to consider.

  • Your looking for reasons to get out, just end it and stop wasting each other's time.

    • I'm always looking for reasons to get out. I don't understand how some people my age aren't... I mean committing to someone, allowing them to develop feelings for you and you for them is a REALLY big deal no? I mean who would want to hurt someone if somewhere along the line they realise that this isn't what they want.. That fear doesn't seem like it could go away, even with the 'right' person. Dunno.

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  • Your reasons so far seem more like excuses.

    Each to their own. I wouldn't bother if I were you considering you aren't invested/ fully interested.

    • Thanks for answering! Could you clarify why my reasons seem like excuses? Could it be because those things aren't ''serious'' enough?

    • A laugh is a laugh. You can't change it.

      My laugh is cute... until I'm particularly amused. I sound like a cackling mad old woman. The first time my boyfriend heard it his eyebrows raised and he laughed at me. He still laughs at me. I know my laugh isn't attractive but, crazy notion, with someone who is supposed to love me, I'm not constantly trying to be attractive. I'm trying to be myself.

      "He can sometimes be childish" - NEWSFLASH, not everyone wants to be mature all the time. Sometimes it's nice to be childish and pretend you aren't aging. Me and my boyfriend (who's 28) often play fight, rat tail, tickle, etc with each other. We enjoy being relaxed not the second we wake up "oh good morning my good chum, how the devil was your sleep? I hope you maintained good posture through the night!"

      And here's the big thing. You have this list of how great he is but 2 things and 2 very small things, and you are binning him off.

      You either aren't attracted to him or you are scared.

  • Well, you generally dont look past deal breakers. I mean, they are called deal breakers because they break deals, not because you look past them.

    • Could I know what would you do if you were in my shoes?

  • Well guess he ain't the one for you