Hey girls can you help me?

I'm just wondering if there is something wrong with me because I've been trying for a girlfriend for a long time now and i have good values and morals no sex is not a priority in my mind. I consider myself a nice guy with a good personality. i open doors for the ladies and help them when i can cause that's how i was raised. In high school girls were jumping all over me but now it's like they avoid me any advice ladies I would appreciate it


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  • Now that you're older, girls are looking for different things than they were in highschool. Any decent girl will not only want your sweet personality but also an independent, hard working man. If you have those things in place as well, then you may need to be patient. She's out there.

  • You sound like a sweet guy. All I can say is be happy in the moment you're at. Expect nothing, just enjoy the blessings as they come, and when you have a connection with a gal, embrace it and be happy. Good luck


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