Will a guy like me?

I'm girl. tall 160cm and I'm little bit dark. I'm also little shy. I like to laugh and smile a lot when I with my friends. and I'm ugly. that's my friends told me


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What Guys Said 2

  • Look! No woman is ugly, especially when they smile. Plus for a lot of people (and me), physical flaws that are considered one has, just adds up to beauty. What I mean is that those things make up a person, unique... You will find someone soon who thinks similarly. Just don't depress yourself...

    • I'm not feel depress. I just asking. by the way, thanks for advise

    • No problem. Beauty changes from person to person and if you are ugly for one person, you can easily be beautiful for another one. 😊

    • thanks

  • I like tall women, I'm not hitting on you im just being honest you are my type you will find someone just wait


What Girls Said 1

  • why wouldn't he like you? I can't really say much about it because I don't know what you look like but personality over looks πŸ’―

    • thanks. but I dun have any confident when it's about boy

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