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Awhile back, me and this one guy had been texting, calling, snapchatting and face timing for 6months off and on because we had chaotic schedules and I was dealing with family issues at the time. When we finally met up this past May, there was defiently physical/ mental chemistry between us. We were similar in personality even though he was 25 and I was 21. We were both sarcastic, hard working, and at times prideful but we were always real with each other. We were open books to each other and we would sometime argue over how I didn't like him always bringing up sexual things whenever I had tried to be serious about something. There were times I was a bit cold because I was afraid of being hurt. However, I was sweet to him as well. Little by little his texts and effort slowed down and I got the hint. I sent him one last text about hoping he would feel better from his cold but he never texted back. All that ended around early June and now it's February. It hadn't hit me this much until now that I do miss him or whatever it was that we had I guess. But my girls tell him that if he gave a shit or truly missed me, then he would've already contacted me by now. That might be true... especially since he's the guy here... I like for Guys to make the first move. Yet, he still looks at my Instagram stories (similar to snapchat). I don't have his number or snapchat anymore since we had stopped talking; had done it because I was hurt. Sometimes I think I was right about him, that he was going to hurt me. Am I reading too much into what I had with him? Is it wrong to think that he's still wondering about me since he looks at my Instagram stories? I'm so lost in my thoughts that I don't know what to think. Advice would really ease my mind.


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  • I used to think it meant someone when a guy looked at my story, but it doesn't. At points throughout the day I just go through the instagram and snapchat stories and don't pay much attention to them. Mostly i skip them and don't give them much thought.. Maybe he stopped replying because when you're cold to him he assumed that was uninterest and backed off.

    • You've always been real with each other to why stop now? Text him and ask him why you stopped talking and why you received no response and that you felt you guys had something kind of good going on. Apologize if it was about you being cold and explain that turning him off and pushing him away wasn't your intention or what you wanted and that you were afraid of getting hurt. Just be honest, and if after all of that he doesn't seem to care or thinks you're insane for telling him how you feel then you're better off without. If it doesn't work out it's okay, at least you got closure and found out if you really had someone instead of asking yourself why you never told him how you felt or found out how he felt. You can also stop leading your self on by assuming he wants to be involved just because he views your stuff. (it's hard not to look more into it though!!)

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    • Maybe you had the same concerns. Could you DM him?

    • I have thought about DMing him but my girls tell me "where's ur pride?" Lol they say not to.

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