What happens when someone is possesed how do they treat people? Or is this black magic?

I am not a expert but I am really worried I started going out with guys for the second time and he might be the devil ok not really devil in person but something wicked is happening.
He said he killed a person before I didn't run cuz I was too scared to jump off his car his excuse is gang issues , he been hitting his girlfriend since he meet me and said is all because he wants to get with me , me and him been having sex for 2 days since I lost my kid due to depression , he sounds intelligent but I don't know why he sounds not normal in fact I don't think he behaves normal? I been thinking about calling the cops but how now that I have feelings for him?


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  • wtf 😦 like what?

    • Exactly what I said that is why I asked if guys would do that or if other people hit their girlfriends ! To me is not normal

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    • I am kinda scared with his attitude but sugar coating u never know what someone that kill other person would do.

    • probably yes 👌

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  • Spiritual possession is real, and can happen in many ways.

    What's important is that this situation is bad wether he is possessed or not, and if you're smart you'll remove yourself from it now.

    He is likely under the influence of negative energies on some level.

    • I agree but how can I know more about that the only things that talk about this shit are spell books , I like to believe everyone is good in this earth and no bad spirit can come and everyone has their good side but looking at him I am hella scared ! Do u understand about the subject? Can I add u on email or something to ask questions?

  • I can believe in spiritual possession but this sounds like the guy is a psychopath.

  • This is a new level of fucked up. Do you really lack the cognitive power to figure out whether this is worth it or not?

    • I know it is not worth ! But how can I detach myself from it?

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    • Call the police or have some male friends or relatives guard you then.

    • That sounds like a good plan

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  • I don't believe people get possessed. I believe they suffer from mental illnesses and ignorant people call it "possession"

    • I know I'm sorry I really been ignorant I guess is just that I am terrified by his behavior and don't know what to believe

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