Guys, do you feel unappreciated?

Do any other guys just feel unappreciated by women?
1. Everywhere you go there are constantly people insisting girls go first, get away with more/ get special treatment just because they're girls.
Just yesterday i was made go back to the end of the line and wait another 10 minutes so the girls could go first because it was a hot day.
2. Everywhere you constantly see/ hear girls talking about how much more attractive women and their bodies are than men yet still claim to be straight. Men love and are very strongly sexually attracted to women's bodies whereas for women they couldn't care less as long as they aren't unhealthy.
it just leaves you with a feeling that women aren't that strongly attracted to men and they just have to put up with guys.
3. Every second female these days is bisexual/ bicurious. There is nothing wrong with bisexuality but when its every second woman its hisheartening because it just makes you feel like women aren't directly attracted to men like men are women.
80% of bisexual women date men over women, But what if men werent the initiators/ chasers in relationships? Would there be even more girls dating girls?
4. The fact that men are always chasing women.
women are constantly told how precious they are and how they shouldn't settle for any man and that the man should treat her like a princess, treat her, pay for her etc.
thats all fine and all but what about making men feel special, desired and chased for once?
5. On valentines day, around 80% of the money spent is toward women from men.
so guys do you ever feel unappreciated?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not all woman are horrible. I have had men let me go before them in line, but it was their choice (it didn't take 10 minutes either). No one made them. Usually I'm the one who has to wait.
    I do not find woman more attractive. I think we need to see more guys. I love staring at my husband's naked body. He always turns my head.
    Hope you can be around nicer woman soon.

    • Its not particular, its just women and people in general

Most Helpful Guy

  • #2 is false, and honestly I do feel unappreciated by women but I don't really care because my life is excellent. I know what I offer and do with my life has value, if they can't see that then it's not my problem. :D Not saying all women are like that though, but it's common.

    • It's just that we have different priorities, and I'm not about to change my priorities just to try to be what I think women want from a guy.

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    • For me, I'm not going to put effort and time into "providing" things to a girl before I see something unique in her that's beyond being able to look good and have sex

    • Sorry I'm basically ranting now haha

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What Girls Said 2

  • I never knew guys felt this way? That's actually really eye opening

  • I could list you 5 other reasons why men have it better than women, but I won't bother

    • Im sure you could but thats not directly what the posts about. Its about as a man feeling unappreciated by women and society.
      Women receive so much more attention and are constantly being reminded how beautiful and desirable they are while for men its not the case.

What Guys Said 4

  • I think it is normal these days for guys to feel unappreciated by women but it is hard to say where this comes from but look at the amount of attention women receive compared to most men.

  • totally agree. some good ass points man.

    • Thanks bro, would u be able to help share this? I want this to reach many people

  • Bro, sadly, we're supeeeeer inferior to women in that aspect. Men are mostly straight cause we desire women, emotionally and sexually. Even though most women too are straight, there's only very few women who's emotionally and sexually attracted to us, men. I'm excluding the personalities, skills, wealth and power here, only natural attraction, so women who's sexually or emotion to only men just because they have a crush or knew them is excluded too. Sexual women makes up to at least 40% of women, if 15% of women are lesbians/bisexual, so only around 25% of women are truly sexually and emotionally attracted to guys only by natural attraction. That's why it is harder for men to be desired, let alone be appreciated solely by being men for women.

  • Men are oppressed 2nd class citizens in the aftermath of women's liberation.

    The nature of women has always been known, and necessary steps have always been taken to keep them in check!!


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