Is there honestly a future?

Ok so basically I'm mixed race half Jamaican half German I've been seeing an Albanian guy for the past 10 months.
At first I was completely ignorant of Albanian culture and then I started hearing the worst horror stories of their racism and strong patriotic beliefs that started to really put me off and also scare me.
All I can think about is him leaving me for an Albanian girl it causes so many arguments but he's always saying he can do what he wants and it doesn't matter.
On top of this he's a complete mummy's boy he's 24 and she endlessly calls him asking him where he is and makes up lies for him to come home. She knows nothing about me and I hate feeling like a secret when my family all love him.
I really don't think it's fair on me at all.
To top it off his ex is Albanian he lived with her at his house and they were in engaged and at one point she was pregnant ( the whole story regarding the pregnancy is a bit blurred).
And now when I mention marriage he just says 'I don't want marriage' ' I don't want kids'

Should I just quit my losses and leave now I've tried to before but it's so hard it's not like I can change my nationality


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  • The stories you heard are true.


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  • I dated an albanian for a year and we were in love. I knew this. But I guess he didn't love me enough. He ended up leaving me for an albanian girl. When he dropped me he dropped me like I meant nothing. But of course people are different maybe your boyfriend isn't like that. I dont believe all albanians are bad.

    • Ugh it just sucks so bad it's 2017 they live in multicultural places but isolate themselves it's so frustrating

    • I think the sad bit was I didn't catch on. He did mention something like "you will find your own people after this" referring if I was to have a boyfriend again after we broke up. I didn't think there was a deeper meaning to this until this post was up and it made me contemplate briefly on whether it was cultures, values or norms that separated us in the end. But truth be told, I am happier now and I believe things happened for the best of reasons. We just didn't work out and that's alright.

    • They are not all bad though. But they do indeed have strong solidarity towards one another. And when you are surrounded by your own people all the time it is hard to break out of the cycle of mindset of what is right, what is wrong and what is acceptable or otherwise because there is always something or someone there that would ensure such things would never be forgotten.

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  • Um do you guys live in the same country? I hear Albanians are complicated. One of my friends is Albanian. I wanted to ask him about these things but I couldn't.

  • What do you want? Are you ready to give up having kids and not getting married? If so go ahead and pursue him but if not it’s time to end things.


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