Girls, Is something wrong with me?

Okay so I have been on several dates this past year and have found two or three girls I've been really into and would like to peruse something with it fall through. The dates go great and they claim to be really into me and want to go out on another date but then things fall through and they just randomly stop texting me. I went on a date this past Saturday and it was great we had a lot in common and when I asked if she'd want to go out again she said "definitely". When we left I told her I would text her later and said bye. Text her later that day and we talked for a bit and left it at that. Then the next day I text her and got nothing. I thought okay she must be busy and waited. Later that night I sent a follow up because I wasn't sure if she got it or not (my phone sometimes doesn't send texts) she responded saying she had been at work and we text back and forth for a bit and left it at that. Then yesterday I didn't text her at all because I knew she worked late and I didn't want to come off thirsty so I waited. Then I finally sent her a text last night and got nothing. I haven't sent a follow and don't plan on it. I still haven't gotten anything from her I don't know if she's just been extremely busy or lost interest. I'm so confused I thought the date went really well I'm tired of this happening to me every time it's redicilous! What's wrong with me? Did I screw it up?


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  • No you're okay

    • Does it sound like I screwed it up? Or that she's lost interest?

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