What would you do if you fell in love with a "player"?

Well, i like this guy since i met him.
He is really important to me and we have a come and go relationship. He always turns back to me for some reason. since Feb 2012.
We have "our thing" but only around one week ago we had our first serious date (well, i can't call it date, because is nothing serious..).
I love him to the moon and back..

What would you do if you loved a guy that's a player and you knew that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You need to realize that not all guys who sleep around have a lack of morals. Some guys like myself just really enjoy sex and have the ability to have sex without emotional attachment. Options don't equate to bad morals. I would be considered a fuck boy or player by most people that know me. Today I'm in a relationship and wouldn't even think about cheating on her. If you like this dude as much as you say then why not communicate that to him?

    • but we do have a connection. I think he wants sex, but well, the other day he tried to impress me by doing a thing i like. so, i don't think it's just just sex.
      well, we had a long story on 2014's summer, where we liked each other but things just passed away because i had to move out of town. Then i got a boyfriend and he was always there (this guy) and now, we talk again and we went out 2 times this week. He perfectly knows what i feel for him.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would pay them attention nor give them the time of day. Players are really good at telling women what they want to hear. They will smoother you with words but they will never use there actions. I like to go from one person to the next person. I've ran into players in the past and all they do is cause heart break and they are only after one thing that is to just get sex from you and never speak to you again. If I were in your position I would just cut ties with him.

    • That's the problem!! they know how to talk!
      i hate heart breaks and players are pro doing it!
      i'll try, thank you

    • * I would not pay them any attention

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What Guys Said 1

  • Either you're the better player, or you better drop it. Personally, I'm not a player, so if I met a girl who were like that, I'd be gone as soon as I find out.

    • yes, i understand. but i like him a lot... and i tried to forget him and go away and he always appears.

What Girls Said 2

  • I do and like a dummy I ignore that he is and stay around when he comes back

    • well, that explains completly my case!!

    • Yeah I really love him and he leaves constantly and doesn't talk to me. But then he comes back and it's always me forgiving him and him getting something then leaving again

  • I'd slap myself in the face.


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