Do you think this guy is interested or just looking for some action?

He is 7 years older than me
We have some things in common
He has slept with a lot of women before
Calls me hun and sweetheart a lot.
Say he will have patience in teaching me about relationships and treat them maturely
He is not a huge fan of online dating
Prefers to talk on the phone and thinks texting is time consuming
The past couple days he has told me he will talk to me tomorrow when its during the day or early evening and explains what he is doing and that he is super busy.
He wants to kiss me passionate/french kiss when we first meet. Says i have nice lips
He seems very kind and real.
Tells me i was overthinking about a situation amd that it was messed up when I asked him something personal but says he understands
He has been forward with a couple of things.
Told me he really likes me
We have been talking for a couple weeks
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What Guys Said 2

  • Be careful with this guy! He seems the kind who will sweet talk, fuck and then dump. its been only a few weeks and he is adavancing really quick... you should try playingbhard and strong and dont give in easily.

  • maybe both hold out on the sex part for a while to see how he will react. to see if he gets inpatient or is willing to wait


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's serious, but after a few weeks, I don't think you could tell what his real intentions are. Don't forget he's older than you and probably more experienced. Be a bit suspicious and don't give yourself to him so easily.

    • He also said too that you can't really tell how someone is by text its better to meet up a few times and take my time with things and see if the feelings mutual something a long the lines like that

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    • True, could I message you?

    • Sorry, for answering so late. Yes, you can.

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